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> DJ & Music Producer.


Trone is Dj, music producer, composer and entrepreneur, strived to impact positively the culture and music history.


Born in Caracas, his career path and latin roots shaped an original identity reflected on his multiple projects. His eclectic musical tendency, delivers a fresh and unique sound beyond genres.


As an artist, he has toured several countries including Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Panama and more. He has released sucessful songs such as "Back Home", which have received more than two million plays on the digital platforms.

By the end of 2020, he decided broaden his involvement on the business by starting to make music for other artists and projects, skillfully placing himself among big names in the industry, building a solid reputation as a music producer and mixing engineer.

On 2022 he starts ABOVE Music, a label were Trone and his team aim to empower independent artists, discover and develop new talents.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases and connect with Trone on social media.

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